Call To Action Features

What makes this so versatile and powerful is its many different Call To Action Features and many different ways it can be used. 


We have turbo charged  the tried and true Opt-In Box. We can not only integrate with your Auto Responder but you can capture any information you want, Name, email address, phone number, Social Media IDs, or anything.


The Black Out is one of our more unique Call to Action features. When your Video Avatar first appears the whole page blacks out, and your visitor cannot do anything on the site until your message has been delivered. Once the message has been delivered,  access to the page returns to normal. This powerful feature is extremely compelling when used properly and can really turbocharge the growth of your marketing list.


Using cursor tracking data, our intelligent software can detect when a visitor is about to leave your site before they take action. When a visitor comes to your page everything will appear as normal until they start to exit by moving their mouse to the top of the browser. At that time your Video Avatar springs to life. Not only does this capture their attention, but it’s a great way to get a last chance for a final pitch before they  leave your site.


The Clickable Button can be linked to a page with your phone number or special offer. There are many different ways to utilize this feature to increase your leads. The button can appear instantly as your spokesperson begins, or delayed so that the call to action appears at just the right moment.


The Date Countdown feature allows your special offer to expire on a specific date and time. Visual symbols like a countdown timer has been proven to raise the level of urgency and get your prospects to take the desired action.


Keep people on your site longer and ‘tease’ them with a discount code or special offer that is revealed when the Countdown Timer reaches zero. Capture your customer’s attention while they wait by having them check out your site.


 We can integrate with Zapier. This allows you to ask for their phone number and send them a text, their Twitter Handle to send them a Tweet, Facebook ID to send them a message. Connect with them on LinkedIn. The marketing and automation possibilities are only limited to your imagination! Small fee may apply. 


We can easily adjust the size and approximate position of how your video will appear on the page. This will not affect the viewing on a Smartphone. For those devices the video will always appear front and center and perfectly sized to fit the screen.


That’s Right? We can provide you with a special link that you can use to play your video avatar over ANY website regardless if it is your site or not. This can be used for any number of purposes including having it show over a product you are selling on Amazon or eBay.  Small fee may apply. 


  • Play video Immediately upon opening page or time delay it.
  • Autoplay options for both Desktop and Smart Phone Viewing
  • Option to Play once per Visit to a site.
  • Always appears front and center when viewing on a Smart Phone.
  • Option to Mute Audio by Default.
  • Video can Close or Stay on-site when it ends.

Want to See Our Video Avatar Play Right Now on Your Own Site?