Are you a Digital Agency, Offline Marketer, or Web Designer?

Are you looking to provide your Clients new and unique ways to increase their website visitors attention, keep prospects on their site longer, increase engagement, leads and sales?


Here’s The Deal

 Thank You for your interest in finding out more  about us and what we have to offer.

The Video Avatars you see on this site were done with a Software Application designed and developed by us.

This site was created to help create our own case studies. 

This software was designed with Agencies in mind. We have gone to pain staking efforts to make sure our software is completely “White Labeled.”

What I mean by that is there is nothing you would provide to your client from our software that will reveal to them where or how you are doing what you are doing  for them.  In other words you can market and sell it as your very own exclusive service.  

This App is sold on a subscription basis with a wide range of price points to fit any budget. Even the highest level subscription should pay for itself and put you in the black with the signing of one new client a year.  

With this you will have your own login portal to create your own Video Avatars. You can sell this service at any price you like and keep the money.  Outside of offering Support and Training we do not get involved with you and certainly not your clients.




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