Now you can bring your site to life and speak directly to your visitors for better stick rate and higher conversations.

What Will A Video Avatar Do For Your Business…

Video is great and if you do not have one on your website you are running behind your competitors.  Regardless if you do or don’t an Animated Avatar offers a twist to this medium that is unique and fun. It really grabs the visitors attention with something that is very engaging and keeps them on your site for longer then they may have otherwise. With our technology we can overlay your Avatar over the top of your existing website.  No need to redesign your site.

What Exactly Is A Spoke Person Avatar?

Spokesperson Avatars are much like the other Spokesperson videos you see on this site and but they are filmed in a way called Green Keyed videos. These are shot in much the same way you see the videos on our home page where we can insert different background scenes to make the person appear to be just about anywhere.  However in this case we make the entire background blank or transparent. Then we use our special hosting service to overlay the video over the top of your website.

Just as with the voice over artist for our Animated Avatars we have also tapped into the world of very talented actors that would be happy to step up and act as your company spokesperson on your website. 

It should be pointed out that all actors and spokespersons appearing on this site are Independent Contractors. They shall not be considered or deemed to be an agent, employee, joint venturer, or partner of O’House Online LLC.


Turn any Pre-Packaged Green Keyed Video on this into an Avatar Spokesperson

Since the technology used to create the Green Keyed Videos is essentially the same as needed to create the Avatars we can include any and all the videos you see in that category as available to turn into Spokesperson videos. Just go there and pick the one you like. At checkout there will be an option to request it be turned into a an Avatar.  Since it takes our hosting servers to actually make these avatars work there is small hosting and maintenance fee.

Our Spokesperson Network

Included with this Purchase

  • Professionally written script for your Avatar (optional)
  • Created in Professional Studio using 1080HD 
  • Up to one minute play time
  • Call to action options
  • Hosting of your Avatar on our Server
  • Completely Change Script and/or Spokesperson Once a Year
  • Change Call to Action Option upon Request if Applicable. 
  • 50% Discount on Other Products and Services Offered on this Site


Select Your Spokesperson

Call To Action…

One of the things that makes this a very powerful marketing tool is it ability to also implement a call to action in many different forms.

Clickable Button

A button can be linked to a page with your phone number or special offer. Any number of ways you can use this to gain leads. It can be designed to appear instantly as the Avatar starts or delayed to appear right at the opportune moment.  

Date Countdown

You can have a Date Countdown. Lets say you are making a special offer but it is only good for a limited time. Nothing like the sense of urgency to get your visitor to act.

Countdown Timer

A countdown can be used so when it reaches zero it will reveal a special message like a special discount code. The secret here is they must stay on your site and wait for it to appear.  While they are waiting around for the special discount code to appear they can spend the time looking at the rest of your site

Opt-in Box

Here we have the good old fashion tried and true opt-in box. This is great for building a list of your customers and it integrates with all major Auto Responders on the market. The opt-in can be designed to appear instantly as the Avatar starts or delayed to appear right at the opportune moment.

Black Out

This is one of our more unique Call to Action features that we call a black out. This is when the avatar first appears the whole page kind of blacks out and there is nothing the visitor can do on the site except watch the avatar and hear what it has to say. Once done access to the page returns to normal. This can be very powerful and compelling when used in the right way.

Exit Pop

Last and certainly not least we can turn your Avatar into what is called an Exit Pop. What this means is when a visitor comes to your page everything will appear as normal until they start to exit the page. then the Avatar pops to life on the page. This can be great for turning visitors that are about to leave your site a chance to make one final pitch to get them to buy. Very cool right?

Competitive Advantage

There is nothing new about the ability to have an Avatar appear on your website. As a matter of fact in recent years it has been used less and less.  The reason for this is not because the marketing value is no longer there, far from it. It is because the technology called “Flash Player” needed to make this happen has the side effect of blocking Search Engines ability to read your site and be able to determine what it was about. When Search Engines cannot read what your site is about then it makes it very difficult if not impossible to optimize your site so it can be highly ranked when people are searching for your product or services.   

We do NOT use a Flash Player.  There is not even a need to install a video player on your site. It is 100% cloud based; all we need to do is install one small line of java script code on the page you want the Avatar to appear on and that’s it. 

The video actually plays over the top of your website, not in it. So all the search engines really see is that when people come to the site they stay longer. It doesn’t know that it is because they are watching the Avatar video play.

People staying on your site longer not only increase your sites rankings but exponentially increases the chance of converting that visitor to a lead or a sale.

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