Fully Customized 3D Animated Avatar

$ 37.00 / month with a 30-day free trial and a $ 647.00 sign-up fee

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$647 Initial Purchase / $37/mo Hosting and Maintenance 

We will create a Customized 3D Avatar Character made to your specifications.Once ordered you just need to describe for us how you want the Avatar to look. Do you want it to be Male or Female? Also what hair color, cloths, etc. the more details you give us the better. If you have a picture or drawing of the person you want the Avatar to look like that would be perfect. We can also choreograph the body movement any way you like and will even lip sync the audio. 

You will have the opportunity to give us all the details after you place your order. The product image you see above is an example of a Custom Avatar that was done.

 Included with this Purchase

  • Professionally written script for your Avatar (optional)
  • Professional Voice Over Artist (optional)
  • Up to one minute play time*
  • Call to action options
  • Free Installation 

  * – Contact us for quote if you need longer play time. Two minutes is max.

In order for this avatar to work it has to be hosted and run from our servers. There is a small monthly subscription for this service.  

Monthly Subscription Includes:

  • Hosting of your Avatar on our Server 
  • Change Attire, body proportions, facial features and clothing upon request.*
  • Add or Change Call to Action Option upon request*
  • 50% Discount on other products and services offered on this site**
  • Change of voice over and lip sync can be done for a small cost. 

  * – Up to three times a year
  ** – Custom Gigs excluded.  

Once you have completed the purchase please watch for an email that will give you a link you can go to that will give you the opportunity to tell us what information to put on the video. If you do not receive it for any reason just go to our Contact Us page and leave your information there. We will get back to you.

Please allow up to three weeks to complete the project.