Carpet Cleaner 2

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The price you see includes making several customizations to this video to brand it your business. 

We can completely change the background and show the actor as being indoors, outdoors, or any place you like. You just need to describe for us what you want. We can even show them as being at your place of business.  You just need to provide to us a high quality image with a 16:9 aspect ratio and we can make it work.

We will of course change the contact information as well as the watermark graphic if you want something different. Same goes for the background music.  We will even place your company logo in the video and add a bumper or trailer image at the end showing your full contact information.  

If you like we can also turn this into a Video Avatar that will have the actor appear transparently over the top of your website.  See our home page for more information on this option.

Maybe you would like a custom intro or outro video clip added to this video. Just see the add-on options listed at checkout for more information. We can accommodate almost anything at a very reasonable cost to you.

About the only things we cannot change is what the actor is wearing, what they are saying, or where they appear in the frame of the video.  See our section for custom videos if you are interested in that.

Once you have completed the purchase please watch for an email that will give you a link you can go to that will give you the opportunity to tell us what information to put on the video. If you do not receive it for any reason just go to our Contact Us page and leave your information there. We will get back to you.

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