Thank you for your order to create your own Customized Video Avatar. Please fill out the form below. Bear in mind that what you select here is in no way “set in stone.” This is just to give us a general idea of what you are looking for in your Avatar. You will have ample opportunity after viewing the initial draft to make changes. However, the more detailed you are in this initial phase the better the end results will be.

If you fill more comfortable just describing what you want or have drawings or images of your own that you would simply like to show us that is perfectly fine. Just upload using the designated upload link below.

Once you approve the draft our animation team will go to work in creating your Avatar. Once delivered you will be able to make up to three (3) revision changes at no extra cost. Each revision request must be made within one (1) week of delivery. After that, the Avatar will be uploaded into your account and the transaction will be considered final.

Customized Animation Order Form

  • Your avatar will be made to have full natural body movements throughout. However, if you want some specific movement during a specific time frame please describe it here.