Turn Pre-Packaged Green Keyed Video into an Avatar Spokesperson

$ 37.00 / month with a 30-day free trial and a $ 447.00 sign-up fee

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$447 Initial Purchase / $37/mo Hosting and Maintenance 

Once you have purchased product you will be sent link to page where you can describe for us what kind of spokesperson you would like. Male or Female, how you want them to dress, etc. If you see someone featured here in one of our pre-packaged videos that you would like us to hire for you just let us know that as well.

Know that not all actors you see in videos on this site are available at all times. However we will do our best to find a comparable replacement.  

Included with this Purchase

  • Professionally written script for your Avatar (optional)
  • Up to one minute play time*
  • Call to action options
  • Free Installation 

  * – Contact us for quote if you need longer play time. Two minutes is max.

In order for this avatar to work it has to be hosted and run from our servers. There is a small monthly subscription for this service.  

Monthly Subscription Includes:

  • Hosting of your Avatar on our Server
  • Completely Change Script and/or Spokesperson Once a Year*
  • Change Call to Action Option upon Request if Applicable. 
  • 50% Discount on Other Products and Services Offered on this Site**

  * – Year based on date of delivery. 50% off regular price for each change after that during year period.  
  ** – Custom Gigs excluded. Can offer 20% discount for those. Contact us before any purchase for discount code.  

Once you have completed the purchase please watch for an email that will give you a link you can go to that will give you the opportunity to tell us what information to put on the video. If you do not receive it for any reason just go to our Contact Us page and leave your information there. We will get back to you.